1.  Idaho Public School -  Register and allocate State Fast Forward money by Septmeber 30 for Fall and Year-long courses; February 24 for Spring courses. 
You must do both to get college credit - register for the course through NNU AND allocate State Fast Forward money to the course.

2.  Private Schools -  Register and pay tutition by November 15 for Fall and Year-long courses and February 24 for Spring courses.  Or you may turn in registration with $10 per course non-refundable fee before the deadline. This will allow you time to determine if you would like to pay for the college credits.  If you decide that you would like college credit, you must pay full tuition 10 days before the end of the course.  NNU accepts cash or checks (made payable to NNU). Please indicate the students name on the check. This $10 fee CANNOT be paid online and must be paid by check or moneyorder sent with the packet of registration materials from your high school teacher.

3.  Completely miss the November 15 deadline?  You can still petition to receive credit before the end of the course.  If the petition is approved, there will be a $50 late fee per course on top of tuition charges due within two weeks of petition approval.

When you register for a course through the Concurrent Credit Program, you become a part-time student at Northwest Nazarene University. Like all NNU students, your academic records will be maintained by the NNU registrar's office. When you attend college or university after high school graduation, you will be a First-time Freshman. Concurrent credits do not make you a transfer student.

Course offerings are normally reserved for qualified high school students, depending on the course. Special permission from the concurrent instructor and NNU is required for students who are Freshman.

Concurrent Credit courses are $65/credit in Idaho and $115/credit out-of-state. Most courses are 3 or 4 credits. 

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